Bring Back The Light

At Rumah Konservasi Kunang-Kunang

Bring Back The Light

Fireflies Conservation Initiative In Bali

Bring back the light is an initiative program to preserve the fireflies population at Rumah Konservasi Kunang-Kunang, a home for fireflies conservation. Located in the heart of local plantation area and farming ground of Taro village. Nestled under hundred of shady palm trees with lush tropical surroundings, a haven for the fireflies habitat.

We are dedicating our time, space and energy to preserve their habitat and increase their population. We are reaching out to wider range of farmer to support our initiative by practising non chemical based farming and promote organic agriculture. This campaign, not only for contributing to healthier environmental sustainability, but also intended to preserves the biodiversity and support fireflies eco-system.

On the other hand, we are also working tirelessly to learned and understand better about this tiny glowing creature, by researching its species, life span, behaviour and anatomical composition. We have the opportunity to have a very close look about fireflies in our laboratory facility to support our research. We are blessed, that we are also provided with the biggest laboratory to observe their behaviour: nature.

Why Fireflies Conservation Is
So Important?

Isn’t  sad to imagine, if the fireflies extinct, our future generation can only see their pictures, videos and animation movie?

This phenomenon has already happening in  most areas of Bali. places where we used to easily see fireflies, nowadays not that many or to worst, is now more.

Many scientist agreed, that the presence of the fireflies actually mark the area as an indicator of clean air, non contaminated water and fertile soil. It is also an environmental indicator for biodiversity.

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Visit our laboratorium and the fireflies nursery at Rumah Konservasi Kunang-Kunang.
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